Ready, Set, Go! Program

Travis County ESD #4 is implementing the

Ready, Set, Go! program.

The program is a three-step process that teaches homeowners to create their own action plan of preparedness, have situational awareness and leave early in the event of a fire--all with the goal of significantly increasing the safety of residents and firefighters.

The three-step process is easy to remember and implement:

  • Ready.  Take personal responsibility and prepare long before the threat of a wildland fire so your home is ready in case of fire.  Create a defensible space by clearing brush away from your home.  Use fire-resistant landscaping and harden your home with fire-safety construction measures.  Assemble emergency supplies and belongings in a safe spot.  Plan escape routes. Make sure all those residing within the home know the plan of action.
  • Set - Act immediately.  Pack your vehicle with your emergency items.  Stay aware of the latest news and information on the fire from local media and your local fire department.
  • Go - Leave early!  Follow your personal action plan.  Doing so will not only support your safety, but will allow firefighters to best maneuver resources to combat the fire.

Ready! Set! Go!  Travis County Link to many Videos

Ready! Set! Go!  Video En Espanol

Ready! Set! Go!   Booklet  


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