Our History

In 1960, a Boy Scout Explorer Post decided to start going to grass fires as a way of helping the community. The first piece of equipment was a two-wheeled trailer with a pressurized water tank and a garden hose. There were several 5-gallon water pails and lots of burlap bags, brooms, and shovels. The Explorer Post was made up of several adult leaders and a handful of scouts. At that time, they provided wildland fire protection anywhere in Travis County.

In 1962, Travis County Fire Control was incorporated. A local chemical company donated the first apparatus. It was a 1942 Dodge pumper, with a 750-gallon per minute pump and a 500-gallon water tank.

In 1984, volunteer firefighter Marvin Ridgeway lost his life in the line of duty.

In 1985, the department took action to create a tax district, and Travis County Rural Fire Prevention District #4 came into being. The District collected taxes and contracted with Travis County Fire Control for services. In 1992, the department took action again to become an Emergency Services District and in 1993, the ESD was approved. In 1995, the department received its first ESD monies.

From the modest start as a Boy Scout Troop in 1960, TCESD#4 has developed into a modern professional organization with career and volunteer personnel.  The fire department covers an area of approximately 58 square miles with population of approximately 30,000 people and responds to around 1,250 Medical and Fire emergencies each year.